Ramadan Kareem

The holy month of Ramadan is the most important month in our Muslim calendar. It is a month of affirmation to our faith and a time to practice empathy, tolerance, giving and forgiving. Ramadan is also a month of re-connecting and bonding with family.

During Ramadan, Muslims invest time and effort in reaffirming their faith by praying, reading the Quran, contemplating life and reminding themselves of the purpose of religion. Religion is simply guidelines on how to be a decent and better human being; it is the foundation on which we raise our children and in turn create the building blocks needed to establish a functioning and coexisting society.

Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and its sole purpose is to empathize with the poor and less fortunate. It inspires us to be generous by helping others. “Giving” is not necessarily offering money or food, it can be just as rewarding when offering a piece of the soul by forgiving someone, by simply being kind, or by acknowledging someone’s predicament and offering to help in any way.

Ramadan is a time to bond and reconnect with family and relatives that you haven’t seen in a while, or perhaps settle a family feud. Forgiveness is a priceless gift from one soul to another — remember this the next time you want to give money, clothes, or food this Ramadan. Be generous and considerate to those less fortunate this Ramadan, and be content and less extravagant with yourself.

Sighting all the above, I shall be taking a break from my blog during this holy month and concentrate on being selfless, and in tune with my spirituality and my faith.

Ramadan Kareem (a generous Ramadan) to everyone.

*(above photo credit to https://decoration-one.com/ check them out 😉 )


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