“Where hope grows, miracles blossom.” – Elna Rae

Hope is one of the strongest four letter words in the English language. It can heal the sick, revive the broken spirit, nourish the soul and make the impossible possible.

When I was delivered the devastating news of my ALS diagnosis I went through all the negative feelings you can imagine: fear, frustration, denial, anger, helplessness, sadness and despair. I went through these waves of emotions in various degrees until one day, amidst my mixture of self-pity, heartache and hidden tears, emerged a new positive feeling, a feeling that delivered itself to me out of necessity: HOPE.

Hope, is a combination of faith and willpower. Faith in a higher power that can perform miracles, and willpower to have the strong desire to surrender, believe, and allow this higher power to perform its miracles.

Hope is when you think you are drowning at the bottom of the ocean then you see someone or something rescuing you. I was drowning in my dark thoughts when suddenly I looked and saw my children. I felt an unbelievable desire to be saved for their sake as much as for mine. That is when my body was taken over by a higher power; the power of hope. I felt that if I wanted to survive strong enough then it would happen, and that’s called finding hope when all else fails.

Hope was born inside me when I started praying to be saved, praying to be cured, believing in my prayers and trusting that my faith can defy science.  Medicine and doctors keep telling us ALS patients there is no cure, but research, and hope are telling me a different story. Hope is telling me that they are constantly researching and trials are being conducted all over the world. I choose to listen to the latter and be hopeful, it is a choice that has proven to be life changing for myself and my family.

Hope has become my best friend, my companion, my mantra that I keep repeating to myself. As well as my motivational word that fuels my fire to get through my days. I am hopeful that someday they will find a cure for ALS. I am also hopeful that my strong will to stay alive, and my love for my family will yield a miracle. Already I am living proof of the quote at the top of this blog. The mere fact I am surviving and thriving is a miracle.

If you are going through a rough period in your life, or you or a loved one is suffering in any shape or form, try HOPE. It does not cost anything, and you have nothing to lose, trust me.




34 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Lana, thats the strongest article ever written ,, Hope is a path we all need in these difficult days the world is passing through,, hope for everything better not worse,,,, Love You Lana,,,,,

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  2. Lana even though I don’t know you but you impressed me a lot through ur writing !!! You are a strong women and I’m learning from you how to be strong . And this article is amazing !!! You are right hope is the path for all our problems in our life !!! Thank you and god bless you more and more dear

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  3. Just now, after a long distance call, I read this awesome new post, and before i even finish reading it, I copied, quoted you and sent your words to that person who deeply needed an immediate doze of hope; The paragraph where you explained its definition and its effectiveness according to your experience. It’s the best I ever read about Hope.
    You have no idea Lana how strong the impact of your writing is helping and inspiring others..you are touching many people’s life… keep strong, keep hopeful .. you are a real hero!

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    1. Habibti Shaza, wow that is so uplifting that my words can help someone in need. You see the timing of your call, and my blog is gods helping hand to someone in need. Faith in a higher power,,,faith in God,,,hamdallah

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  4. I really thank you for the hope and strength you are giving me every time I read your articles. You don’t know me but my mother has been diagnosed witj ALS last September . So I just want to tell you that every time I feel helpless your words leave me speechless.

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  5. As beautiful as can be . Mashallah. What a great writer, a great blogger and most of all a great personality. Keep them coming , keep inspiring us .

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  6. What a beautiful post…thank you. I would love to share your blog with people I work with who need to feel this hope. May I share it in a blog post that I am writing about a visit to the ALS support group in Arizona? Beautiful photography too!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, please feel free to share with whoever you want. Part of the reason I write this blog is to help people, and open their eyes to simple basic truths that can make them feel better about themselves, no matter what they are facing


  7. I saved a couple of articles for when I need an extra push… This article hit the spot!
    very graphic the rope pulling you through but great depiction of hope.
    I had a similar experience after which my fears were behind me and I felt internal strength!

    thank you,
    love, light and god bless

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  8. Lana, you don’t know me
    But but I came across your blog today and all I can say is that it left me speechless ..
    You are truly an inspiration and a strong, amazing lady..and there is so much to learn from you..

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