Zeid & Reem

Zeido is my first born, and like any mother will tell you, there will always be something special concerning your first experience with motherhood. From the day he was born he has been my Zeido, and he will remain Zeido no matter how old he gets ha ha.

Throughout his childhood and early twenties Zeido was heavily into sports; mainly basketball and football. In university he got into long-boarding (similar to a skateboard but longer, like a surfboard on wheels) and he would enter competitions all over North America, Europe, and even South Africa. Those competitions took a toll on his body, he suffered from several injuries, in particular his shoulder as well as chronic back pain. Zeido has always been against taking medicines, so he started doing yoga to strengthen his back muscles and relieve his pain. His interest and love for yoga led him to make a courageous, life changing decision.

Two years ago he decided to take 6 months off from his successful job in Dubai to go on a spiritual journey in search of happiness, peace of mind and a heightened sense of awareness. He went to an Ashram in India, where he became a yogi master. Naturally I was not too pleased with his decision to leave his work at first (cue the water works ha ha). I thought it would be a big risk and I was afraid it would reflect badly on his career. Our generation however is way too cautious, our children (millennials) are more adventurous with their lives –they follow their heart.

During his time in the Ashram we would always Skype with each other and I witnessed a beautiful transformation in my son. He became much more Zen and tranquil. It seemed like he discovered the key to his happiness and that being content and true to himself was more fulfilling to him than climbing up corporate ladders of “success”. His philosophy is accumulating life experiences as opposed to accumulating actual things in life. I am so proud of his choices and the way he values his ideas and beliefs. After leaving his job for 6 months, he came back to Dubai and found an even better job than his previous one.

Naturally all parents want to see their children happy, but we must learn to allow them to choose the path they wish to follow, even if that path is different from our choice. Our job is to encourage and support them to follow their dreams and their heart. We must remind ourselves that each generation has their own beliefs and ideas. We can dish out our advice, help guide and point out potential pit falls that they might encounter, while trusting them and respecting their choices.

It is during this serene period of his life, he found his soulmate, his beautiful, amazing, lovely bride entered his heart, and he proposed to our gorgeous, sweet Reem. From the day we met her she waltzed into our family and into our hearts, she is the loving nurturing daughter we never had. Seeing them both so happily in love is such a blessing, and has given me so much joy and peace of mind.

I feel reassured about their future together and convinced in their choices. I can clearly see them creating a beautiful family and living in perfect harmony together. I can see my son has found someone very special, and they will share a happy life with each other. We are truly blessed with Reemo’s addition to our family.



20 thoughts on “Zeid & Reem

  1. Good morning .. you keep surprising me with your wonderful articles ..your experience and wonderful spirit inspires me and make me want to even learn more from you as my 12 year old would say Lana you are GOALs 💕💕💕keep it up …just keep inspiring us ..much love

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  2. Wow what an amazing young man!! You must be so proud!! BTW you are quite the storyteller; one gets so engulfed with what you wrote.. hats off!!! God bless you and your beautiful family and all additions, present and future xxxx.

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  3. I’m sure Reem is the one who is lucky to be part of such a nice loving family.
    May God bless all your children and may you see them all reach their full potential.

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  4. Beautiful story Lana habibti , God bless you and your wonderful family always !
    I love what you are sharing with us , so inspiring ,and it always takes me to a beautiful place , love you

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  5. Habibti Lana! What beautiful words about what is surely an amazing son and his wife. Your family is blessed to have such a loving caring mother, wife and mother-in-law. May you continue to thrill us with your writings and May Allah continue to bless you and your family. Big hug from Beirut my dear Lana ❤❤

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  6. What a lovely article! Your writing touches me.
    I met Zeid years ago and was so impressed with him then and even moreso now. I am so happy that he and Brody are such good friends, having attended college together and now serving as one another’s best man at their weddings. I can’t wait to see Zeid in September!
    I wish you health, happiness, and continued success with your blog.
    Mimi Wixted (Brody’s mom)

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    1. Dearest Mimi, thank you so much for your kind, sweet words. Meeting Brody last year was an absolute delight for me, having heard so much from Zeid. Brody is a charming gentleman, and I treasure their friendship. Congrats on upcoming wedding, wishing them all the best


  7. MashaAllah Lana, such a lovely story,..A proud mom and a sweet mother in law to a beautiful couple…
    You taught your boys to act with integrity, to bravely face challenges, to believe in themselves while trusting in God… then it was time for your flowers to bloom, and time for them to “”Spread their brave wings and fly””.
    May God bless you all!

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