Kindness is compassion towards others; it is doing something selfless for someone else that makes them feel good. It is showing self respect and being respectful; whether you receive or give an act of kindness, it can be just as uplifting to your soul.

Kindness is contagious, it can spread just like a wildfire, but in a beautifully positive way. I came across a program once which studied  the effects of kindness on young school students.. The students were instructed to practice small acts like going up to a policeman and saying “Thank You” for your service, opening the door for someone else, buying someone’s lunch,  or even a simple nod and smile to a stranger. The experiment was very successful and the results were heart warming – the recipients smiled, accepted the generous act and felt happy. Moreover, the recipients automatically felt like being kind to someone else and paying it forward. It just goes to show that if someone is kind to you, then subconsciously you will try and be kind to someone,  hopefully, ha ha.

Being kind does not have to be a big grand gesture, it has nothing  to do with the size of your act, no matter how small, kindness is kindness. If we attempt at making these small acts of kindness a  habit and practice it towards our immediate circle of friends, we will find just like that we can spread kindness to our surroundings, and it will start to flow over to our community.

Kindness is an action that can make a person feel appreciated, relevant, and hence very happy. It reminds us that we live within a community and we should share our wealth of materialistic things, or emotional and spiritual  wealth. It also serves to remind us not to be selfish or aggressive towards others; in a nutshell, to become better human beings and hopefully inspire a much more kinder, and compassionate new generation. Kindness can come in a form of a word, a compliment, a fact, or an act, or a simple hug, an acknowledgement, or even as simple as a smile. Let’s try to encourage, and promote it.

Ellen DeGeneres always ends her show with her famous saying “be kind to one another,” that, to me, is so beautiful. If only we can try and spread kindness like this, the world would be a much better, happier place.


13 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. Me too, Dearest Lannoul,,, I agree,,, Kindness is Love to one another, Kindness is the right way to treat one another,, I love your articles dear, especially this one,, and especially these days,,

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  2. That is so true! We need kindness, compassion and empathy so much these days to counteract the violence that is spreading all around us. I know we can’t change the world but if each one of us, when we wake up every morning, commits to at least one act of kindness that will make a difference in someone else’s life, we’ll be starting the change. God Bless you Lana and may you continue to inspire us with your lovely spirit and thoughts ❤ ❤

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  3. This is it, kindness is what the world needs right now, it is an action that shows that love can still be found in this world. It comes by accepting the people around us the way they are even if we disagree or we are different.
    You are so right Lana, it is contagious and also it is never wasted, as it is mutual; it gives a great pleasure conferring it while it is the key that unlocks many doors for the recipients…
    Writing about kindness, is kindness by itself dearest Lana.. Thank you for the great read.


  4. I happened to come across your blog through Facebook and I just wanted to tell you how truly inspiring and heart-warming it is. Your posts are beautiful and you have a way with words. I wish you all the best!

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