Time is such a rare and precious gift, that happens to be for free!  We don’t earn or own time; we can’t buy or sell it, nor speed it up or slow it down. All we can do with time is to allow ourselves to be present and –  to appreciate and enjoy life’s special moments, to step back and try to freeze them and to be immensely grateful for them.

Life is passing by so fast, almost everyone would agree that “time flies.” Yes, it is so true, you might plan on doing something special with your children or loved one, but time races by you. Before you know it, you are looking in the rear view mirror thinking to yourself “I wish I had done this or that.”

Time flies, and just like that, babies are talking and walking. Then with a blink of an eye, they are becoming teenagers, and  suddenly they are young adults carving their own path in life. and all along you are asking yourself, when did this all happen?

For me, It’s like somehow God was looking out for me and my children, as if I knew I had limited time to spend with them, (of course I had no idea).When they were young, thankfully I spent maximum “quality time” with them. My greatest pleasure was attending every single sports game they played whether in Little League, school games, or national club championships, I was there cheering them on and enjoying every minute of it. My sons were three competitive athletes so they took up most of my time. Driving them to their practices or games was our special “bonding time.” I would hear all about their life in school, their friends, their worries, fears, and joys. We would laugh together and I would deliver my values, discipline, and motherly advice to them.

A little  “extra time”  is what I needed, hoped, and prayed for to spend time with my youngest, Karim, before I got sick. I needed a couple more years to be there for him and guide him through his teenage years as I had done for his brothers, instead of running all over the world – from London, to America, to Pakistan, and China – trying to find a cure for my ALS diagnosis. I would have loved to prepare him for his university life, but things don’t always go as planned, time was stolen away from me.

Today, I am blessed to be living on  very valuable “borrowed time.” After the doctors told me in 2004 to get my affairs in order I thought I was racing against the clock; but again, God had other plans for me, Hamdallah. He gave me the gift of time. Time to appreciate what life has to offer, time to spend with my family,  time to love and be loved, time to laugh and be happy,  and time to be hopeful and thankful.

That is why I have become the one who is always positive and optimistic. The “extended time” I am enjoying now is the result of my faith and love from my extremely supportive family. I get to look back and appreciate time and be grateful for every extra day that comes my way. I plan on turning my days into weeks, months, and years for “maximum time” with my loved ones.



26 thoughts on “Time

  1. Thank You, God, for looking upon Lana, and giving her “Time” to think & write, so as to teach us the valuable meanings of many things. I read what you write, and think of all what you said. So Precious are your thoughts dear,,, Always


  2. Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts which I translated into advices.
    God gives you health and strength habibti.
    Yes your faith in God is the key.
    Bless you and your family.

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  3. As always Lana, you never cease ro amaze me! I love to read what you write and do so over and over again to learn and beeter understand the message you are trying to send out. Yes my dear Lana, time is precious and we should make the best of it every minute of every day. We should enjoy it with our loved ones and never take anything for granted.
    As for you my dear Lana, Masha Allah your boys are wonderful and clearly a reflection of their upbringing and the time you spent with them. God bless you and your family and may you continue to inspire them and us and Insha Allah inspire you grandchildren ❤❤❤

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    1. I am amazed by your positive spirit and motivational writing, I have been reading every single update with admiration since you started! You are a wise soul and you shine through, often I feel your taking the words out of my …i feel your energy and look up to you often the ‘ right attitude”


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    2. Thank u habibti, as always are from the heart, and going directly to my heart. you always find the right words to encourage me to continue with my writing,,,thank u,,god bless u


  4. I get so excited to read your posts whenever there’s a new one! Truly inspiring and so optimistic! Wishing you a long and healthy life with lots of time 😀

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  5. Oh my God, this update is awesome by all means.
    My refection about time is that it might be the only thing that can not be recycled, or recaptured, once used the output is saved in our memories or stored in our hopes and prayers.
    It is your “borrowed time” perspective that gave a new dimension to my understanding of time.
    Your ” maximum Time” plans are great and i’m sure they will work the way you wish to, therefore, I too will adopt and apply this new notion. You are such an inspiration Lana!

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  6. Hi Lana, Its Yasmeen,

    I am writing a research report on ALS (i have added some stuff that you have said too! 🙂 ) And I just want to know how much does the Eye-Gaze cost?

    Thank you!

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