My Blue Eyed Fox

Faisal is our middle child, his nickname is Fox, but I call him my blue eyed Fox, ha ha.

Since the day he started talking he became the entertainer in our family; he would act out his story books with sound effects, putting on a show for anyone who would watch. At school, he would always participate in the talent shows either acting or rapping. The performer in him transitioned into sports – whether he was playing basketball, football, or baseball, he would always put on a show. Luckily, this helped him in his line of business; he is an engineer in the oil and gas field, and he is very comfortable in front of an audience when delivering his presentations and illustrating his charts and graphs.

Faisal brings so much joy to our family, he is responsible for all of our nicknames, he constantly analyzes situations in a very funny way, he manages to find witty remarks for everything. He has the ability to roll back the fog and part the clouds revealing clear blue skies for me, constantly showing me the silver lining in any tough situation.

Faisal has found the recipe for success in life since his early school days, it’s called “time management.” He would find time to study, time to play, time for sports and time for me. These days he has time for work, time for partying, time for friends, time for family and time FOR ME ha ha. He always manages to do everything he likes while keeping everyone happy; for example, his hobby these days is wakeboarding (which is like water skiing but with a board) so he gets up very early and goes wakeboarding at sunrise before going to work. This gift of managing his time well has helped him become extremely successful at work, and very popular with family and friends.

Most dear to my heart is that he always finds time for me; he is always in tune with me, my life, with my needs and feelings. Faisal is always thinking of what I need in advance, if we are going out somewhere, he always puts my mind at ease; he is my planner and executor and always does it with so much care and love. He solves my problems, big or small; he would ponder, rub his chin and bite his finger while thinking then come up with a solution, my mister fix it.

My blue eyed fox makes me so proud every single day. You might say every mother feels this way about her son, but not every mum has a blog to brag about her children ha ha. He makes me smile with his comments and makes me feel special every time he talks to me, he makes me feel loved beyond words, he makes me happy. Thank you habibi for bringing so much joy, compassion, care, and love in to my life. You provide me with the inspiration and motivation needed to fight my battle with ALS.

15 thoughts on “My Blue Eyed Fox

  1. Loofy, ๐ŸŒน I really loved what you wrote about Your blue-eyed fox, Faisal. You’re a proud Mom of all your Princes, which makes me read more and be closer to you & Family,, On Valentine Eve, please allow me to wish You, Marwan and Princes, a Happy Valentine Day. โค๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒนโค

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  2. I remember Faysal when he was a baby , i was then living in Amman , Dahiyet alamir Rashed near your parent’s house โ€ฆ..i left Jordan year 2000 to go to the States. I am now soooo proud of your blue eyed fox , Faysal Habibi i love you and Allahyehfadek. Love you Lana you haven’t changed alway soooo beautiful.

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