2016 was one of my best years ever so I was sad to see it end. “SUR_REAL” was nominated the best word of 2016, which is  the perfect word to describe my year.

First, we welcomed a beautiful daughter in-law, Reem, to our family; she is  beautiful on the outside, and even more  beautiful on the inside – such an amazing, loving caring young lady. A perfect fit for our Zeid. We spent the first few months of 2016 planning their wedding, which was a dream come true for me – I would go to sleep smiling, and wake up with the same smile on my face; it was a very cheerful, happy time in our home. On the 15th of July, 2016, we had Zeid and Reem’s wedding with all its festivities – it was, such a joyous and proud moment for us all as a family. Planning, attending, and dancing at my son’s wedding was the happiest day of my life.

In 2016, we also had three more weddings in my family – both my nephews and my beautiful niece. In May 2016, Karim, my youngest, graduated his Masters, and secured a job with a reputable company in the States. Faisal survived two huge takeovers in his company and moved from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, near his brother Zeid.

After Zeid and Reem’s wedding is when I started my blog, which was life changing. It opened up new doors for me; I can now enjoy expressing myself and reconnecting with people after living in silence for a long time. Through my blog, people have gotten to know me better and understand how I am living, coping and thriving with ALS. It has helped people understand that living with ALS is not a death sentence, it is a choice of living and making the best out of a difficult situation that life has dealt me. The blog has become like therapy to me – knowing that my articles inspire some people has been motivating me to keep writing. Being told that my blog has helped make someone feel better in some way is so rewarding; it is a form of healing and cleansing for the soul. In the fall of 2016, I decided to redecorate Zeid’s room, turning it from a teenager’s room into a room for newlyweds for when they come visit us, ha ha. Last but certainly not least, I ended 2016 with a bang: our family vacation. It was the cherry on top of my perfectly iced cake.

Now that 2017 started I need to find new goals to achieve, new hopes to pray for, new dreams to think about and new challenges to conquer. Here’s to a happy, and healthy  2017 everybody.



17 thoughts on “2016

  1. Hi Lannool,, glad to hear that you enjoyed 2016, as many many waited for its end.
    Let me start with ALS,, that should be an abbreviation for: And Life Starts. Thats when
    You have decided to start, build and renew the Old Life you were fed up with. Many cant do
    That and stay as weak and fed up as they were, with no objective.
    AND LIFE STARTS is your New Book name, who we all are waiting for……
    Love You Always,


  2. My Dearest Lannoul,,, So glad that you fell in love with 2016, as many many waited for it to just go away. ALS should be your abbreviation for: AND LIFE STARTS, which is actually what happened. New thinking, new life, new realities that can be taught in schools, even higher educations. Your new book should be entitled: AND LIFE STARTS,,, waiting,,,,,

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  3. Alhamdulilah for every bite you had from that delicious iced cake topped with that yummy cherry..
    Whether making sweet lemonade out of life lemons, or turning falling Jasmine flowers into a beautiful necklace; you surely mastered the art of living Lana and Life will always be great.
    May all your days be a gift wrapped with God’s grace and blessings.

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  4. Dear Loofy, I came across your writings through friends and I was so inspired to follow and I truly wait for your writings. Congratulations and god bless your family. Hope 2017 will be as memorable as 2016. Keep it going 👌🏻

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  5. What a beautiful story with family surrounding you. I have shared your blog with others who need the hope to thrive that you talk about. Thank you for sharing with us all–you are touching many lives through your communication!

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