Just when I thought I reached my maximum potential and strength while living with ALS, I discover a new well of immense power. I’ve found hidden nuggets of strength and willpower that have been reserved inside my body waiting to be unleashed by a spark of so much love and happiness. I cannot find the exact words to describe my wonderful vacation, I actually was able to have a holiday like a normal healthy person, well (almost) normal ha ha.

I had set certain goals for myself which I wanted to achieve, and thanks to amazing wheelchair-friendly Dubai (to which I will dedicate an article explaining how it is a pioneering city, providing comfort and accessibility to people in wheelchairs), surrounded by my lovely family, and plenty of willpower and desire from my part, I was thankfully able to accomplish every single one of them, as well as some additional dreams and aspirations of mine as a bonus!

I must admit, I outdid myself ha ha; I pleasantly surprised myself and my family by being able to do so much. Thanks to my strong desire to make every minute count and to enjoy everything without feeling tired or limited. I made sure to manage my fatigue levels by taking a nap every afternoon to rest before going out to dinner, every single night, ha ha, YES every single night, it was wonderful.

First, I attended my nephew’s wedding. It was such a beautiful night seeing my nephew and his beautiful bride so happy and to be surrounded by cheerful family members and my best-dressed family. I also got to see so many guests I hadn’t seen in a long time.

For the remainder of the holiday we would start our days lounging near the pool enjoying the warm, perfect weather. We would then stroll on the beautiful beaches soaking up some much-needed Vitamin D and fresh air. Every day, we had lunch in a different restaurant in our lovely hotel, which was a special treat for me – I made sure I ate everything my heart desired ha ha, I loved reading menus and choosing my meals, just like the old days when I was healthy. In the evenings after my afternoon nap and the boys are back from work, we would go out to dinner. We would either cook at my son’s house, or have a typical tourist dinner by the dancing fountains near Burj Khalifa, or at a seafood restaurant on the Palm. We also enjoyed a wonderful Christmas eve dinner at Reem’s parents house, it was a lovely feast cooked by Reemo and her mother with so much love, it was a night to remember.

By far my favorite dream come true however, was cooking for my family at my son’s house. Walking into my sons’ houses was a moment frozen in time for me, it is something I never thought could happen, it’s a miracle that I can reflect on every time I miss them. I got to see where they sit, eat, sleep, do yoga, basically I got to see how they live. I can now close my eyes and visualize their life, which brings me so much joy. It was such a delight to be driven around by my sons, seeing what route they take to work everyday, meeting their friends, seeing where they hang out, snack and have lunch. We also enjoyed being with their close friends, their cousins, and Reem’s family. I can now relate, and understand their life, knowing who they are with and where they are. Karim also came from America, so we were in complete family mode and we made sure to make each moment count.

I felt alive and re-energized by seeing them, being pampered by them, and by loving and being loved by them. It was such a fulfilling and satisfying feeling for me as mother, but as an ALS patient as well. It turned my dreams into reality. My heart was overflowing with joy and disbelief.

This trip was life changing for me; I discovered how strong I could be when motivated by my love and of being aware of my children’s lives. I basked in the joy of seeing Dubai through my sons eyes, I loved every moment I spent with them, I felt their love and devotion in every step. I also got to know my daughter and find out what an exceptional, loving, caring, beautiful soul she is. I was pampered and felt special every minute of every day by my awesome loving family. Every step I took, from the moment I landed till the minute I left, there was one of my family members holding my hand, kissing me or dreamily smiling at me and urging me on. I believe that I am the luckiest mother to be loved and appreciated so much, there must be angels watching over me to be blessed by so much.

27 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Lana, Dearest, really really I felt I was with You every minute if your trip. So, all you worries about the trip,,,, were gone with the wind,,, Thank God for that,,,, you’re Blessed🙏

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  2. I say time to plan another trip😀😀 so proud of you and lovely spirit my love!! I’m sure the trip meant the world to your boys, and hubby as well!! Thank you dubai for making our loofi so happy !! Love you

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  3. That’s absolutely awesome. Your positivity reflects your spirit dear Lana. You are one the few people who know how to celebrate life. Enjoy every second, and may God always be within your sweet and loving heart, and continue to grant you more of his blessing in this life.

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  4. Mama and I sitting here in tears as always. I love you loofy and your incredible family. I am so glad you had an unforgettable trip. You deserve the whole world.

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  5. That’s Fantastic dear Loofy, I was eager to know about your trip…
    Thank God ! it seems an awesome super start to the new year, and you summarized it beautifully as usual with your positive charme. Your words describing your journey with your family radiate the love you share all together and the joyful moments you have spent together in Dubai. I’m so happy for all of you, as I’m sure your visit meant to your young men as much as it meant to you! May God bless you all!

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  6. Wow that’s amazing Lana!!! You brought tears to my eyes. I’m sooo happy for you that you had the chance to fulfill your dream. It’s your strong will power, determination and positive attitude that attract all these great opportunities and the sky is your limit. I love you and your beautiful family. May God bless you all ❤ ❤

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  7. You’re an inspiration! Your blog is one the most optimistic things I’ve read in my life. Wishing you love, health and joy❤


  8. Lana dear, May you and your loved ones be always showered with many blessings this year and every coming year. Stay well, stay happy and keep inspiring us. Love you 💓💓

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  9. Hi Lana, you don’t know me but I heard about you and today I was made aware, by a mutual friend, of your blog. I spent a good part of the evening reading through your various blogs and enjoyed them immensely. To say they are inspirational is really quite an understatement. From a fellow blogger, thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with so much honesty and integrity but above all, with immense courage. Bless you.

    Mufid Sukkar

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  10. Hi Lana
    I’m someone who knew from far ( my aunt was your neighbor Maha Saqqa), and I used to always see you and always loved your energy. Today I came by your blog and couldn’t but feel the same energy! Your a wonderful person and so enspiring, your words are so moving, with great lessons of family love and how to live life 🙂
    Wish you all the love and peace in the world

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