Our minds are filled with thousands of thoughts going in and out of our brain like a crowded bus station. These thoughts can become very irritating and cause us a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress. Meditation is the best way to silence and clear those thoughts, and at the same time bring your mind and body the peace and tranquility that we all crave.

Meditating is very hard when you first start – it is not easy to shut down our thoughts as it goes against our human nature. Once you master this beautiful, soothing technique you will discover this serenity is naturally leaving you with a stress-free life, which we as humans constantly aspire to reach. I was first introduced to meditation by my son Zeid, who is a Yoga instructor, I started meditating as part of my coping mechanisms for my situation. I used it to get rid of negative thoughts and to clear my mind from the constant hustle and bustle of everyday life thoughts that tend to swirl around in my mind.

First I get comfortable – either I lay down in bed or I sit in a very comfortable chair – close my eyes, relax, and breathe in and out focusing only on my breathing, making myself aware of inhaling and exhaling. I try to concentrate on one word, one thought, or one event. If I stray in my thoughts and find other thoughts creeping in, I simply bring my mind back to the beginning, focus on my breathing and start over again and again until I master it.

If it’s hard then I use a mantra where I say the same word or sentence over and over again until my mind blocks everything else and becomes clear and silent. My friend Sherine started sending me YouTube meditation videos that I would listen to during my sessions – these were a tremendous help for me to perfect my meditation technique.

I love my meditation sessions, I simply take myself on a journey. I imagine myself sitting on a soft, white cloud against a clear blue sky, inhale… exhale…relax. Or I visualize myself floating in a warm pool filled with healing water healing me and revitalizing my dead cells while rebuilding my muscles. Other times I use my meditation to imagine that I am on an exotic sandy beach, with the sound of the waves in the background ha ha, it doesn’t make me crazy, I just use my imagination to go places. All these techniques lead to the same happy, tranquil, and peaceful place. Most importantly, they quieten our thoughts and mind, and release any stress or anxiety we might have. It is a form of relaxation that clears our thoughts, you can try different methods and find out what works for you. Once you perfect it, it is super relaxing and effective.


7 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. Beautiful Lana habibti very well said ! Please check out dr joe dispenza website, he has amazing life changing stuff on line courses and meditations that are so so so good ! Love you. And would love to visit you one day please let’s arrange this !

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  2. That was so beautifully explained Lana,
    Reaching this serenity, the floating feeling and the peaceful silence is one of the most beautiful feelings one can reach. My daily prayers give me the exact feeling you explained, a levitating sensation, tranquility, and lucidity that leaves my soul, mind and body in a total calmness and satisfaction, in other words it is a battery charger and a shield in front of our daily struggles and stress.
    May you always find tranquility and peace dear Lana.

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