My Caregivers

I am so blessed and truly grateful that my living situation enables me to provide for myself the care that I need on a daily basis. As you can imagine, I need care 24/7, so it is essential that my caregivers are devoted to my needs. It is not easy to find someone that provides me with compassionate support and empathy but luckily, I have been so blessed to have two wonderful ladies – Ester and Nelly – that I am pleased to call my angels. I feel that it is fitting to dedicate an article to them as they play a vital role in my support system.

Ester has been with our family for almost 17 years, way before I got sick. She knows me very well, and she knows how I used to cook – so her first responsibility is cooking for us, especially when my boys (and now daughter in-law) are visiting ha ha. I taught her how to cook and thankfully, not only is she  eager to learn, but she also loves to cook! She is very cheerful and caring towards my family and I, and she always does her job with a smile on her face.

Nelly joined our family ten years ago, a couple of years after I got sick. She gradually started doing everything for me as my body functions started deteriorating. She knows how to feed me with the exact consistency so I don’t choke, and if I do choke, she knows what to do so that I can breathe. She has become my hands; she brushes my teeth, my hair, washes my face and puts on my make up (yes, sometimes I actually put  makeup on although I don’t need it ha ha). She also handles all my medication and makes sure I take them on time no matter where I am or who I am with. My medicine is given to me by mixing them with mashed fruits (or sometimes tasty sweets) to facilitate easy swallowing.

Ester and Nelly are my angels sent from heaven to make my life a lot easier. They take care of me night and day – they bathe me, dress me, turn me over several times during the night, they help sit me down on my chair and take turns sitting with me while I watch TV to assist in changing the channels. I have a baby monitor connected to me wherever I go, so when I need them, I simply make different sounds and they come to check up on me. They have become part of our family and a vital part of my amazing support group.

I consider myself extremely lucky and blessed to have them in my life; taking care of an ALS patient requires lots of patience, attention and empathy. It is very physical and time-consuming, but thankfully my caregivers have all the above in abundance. I am so grateful for their dedication and time; these girls have left their children and families out of financial necessity to take care of me. Ester has one boy who is very chubby, smart and funny just like his mother, we love hearing his stories and seeing his photos. Nelly has four children and three grandchildren, in fact, recently her daughter came to work with us too to help her mother financially and with her work.

I am so grateful for their continued dedication and commitment. I thank them in my prayers, and during my daily activities. Today, I would like to thank them in my blog, just to show them how much I appreciate all what they do for me. Thank you Ester and Nelly, I love you and will always be indebted to you for your continued dedication in caring for me. I cannot imagine my life without your help.

17 thoughts on “My Caregivers

  1. How lovely and sweet of you Lana and they too are lucky to have someone as appreciative as you. Not everyone points out the blessing of having good helpers and shows appreciation openly. It is very rare these days to find people who genuinely care and hence good care givers. One of my Mama’s helpers used to hit her and when I found out it broke me because I always treated them like family. To this day, and every time I think of how Mama must have felt, I go crazy and start crying. Alhamdu lil Allah she is rested and in a better place.

    My God bless you always my dear Lana and may you always be surrounded by good, loving and caring people xxx

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  2. God bless You Nelly, Ester & Jenny for taking care of Adorable Lana,, I saw, while visiting Lana, that everything is running smoothly at home, we chatted, ate, drank & had fun,,, enjoyed every second with Lana, which meant a lot to me,,, will do it again soon.

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  3. “” Is the reward for good anything but good !?!””
    You are shaped with kindness Lana, thus, God continue to grant you back with his kindness through all those loving people who surround you with love, care and dedication and may He always do.
    Jenny, Nelly and Nelly’s daughter; God bless you!

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  4. Hi Lana! I live in Oregon, and your words reach out to me across the world and touch my heart as if we were best friends. Your blog today recognizing and thanking your precious helpers is beautiful, reflecting your own beautiful heart and soul. The fact that you choose happiness every day, even while living with ALS, is amazing in itself. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us around the world. When I see your face in pictures, I see Grace… Amazing Grace. In America, that is so rare these days. Thank you for bringing God to life for me, for being a vessel of His Love. It is a privilege to pray for you and your family (including your caregivers and your precious sister and all who love you) every day. God bless you sweet Loofy! With love and respect, Gretchen

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    1. Dearest Gretchen,,wow your words went straight to my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for your beautiful comments, it means so much to me. I am humbled by your kindness and love. god bless you


  5. Dear Lana, many people get challenged but not everyone has the courage to experience the challenge and live up to it.
    Sometimes the challenge is big ,like in your case and sometimes it is insignificant , but still for them it is big .
    I admire your soul and your strength , you are an example of survival force .
    The presence of people like you in our universe is inspiring to all humanity .
    Today with your gratefulness you touched many hearts starting from your own and expanding to these two angels that you have , I am sure they are learning love and kindness from you ,they need you as much as you need them ,it is rare to find someone like yourself that has completely surrendered to the universe and accepted whatever comes with open heart .
    Allah yihmeeki

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