Making friends is like collecting precious gems in our journey of life, they enrich our life with their care, wisdom, empathy, and love. Over the years I have been blessed to have so many friends cross my path; beginning with my school friends from childhood, then some in my adult life prior to my illness, in addition to friends from my lovely time in Bahrain, and of course some friends recently in my ALS days. To pick one group over another is impossible, I chose to address friendship simply to show how close to my heart this subject is and how my friends affect my well being these days.

Some friends that haven’t seen me in recent years tend to be nervous whether I would be comfortable seeing them or not. To all of you I say do not be afraid, please come over I love seeing you, hearing all about your lives, and reconnecting with you. There seems to be a misconception that I don’t remember, or I don’t hear very well ha ha, rest assured my mind is still very sharp and my hearing is great. I remember everyone I come across, you can safely assume if you remember me then I remember you, I just have a tougher time relaying that.
Unfortunately few friends find it difficult to come visit me which i understand, maybe it is because I can not hold a conversation and that makes the encounter slightly uncomfortable. Or it might be they can not handle seeing me sick, either way I completely understand and have no ill feelings towards them. I would never wish anyone to visit me without feeling happy and hopeful for me. Friendship is a two way street, give and take, and if my inability to give or contribute results in fading or cooling off of these relationships, then i completely understand.
On the other hand I get super excited when a group of friends say they want to come visit, I take extra care when choosing what to wear that day ha ha. I make sure I prepare something to serve them and the vibe in my house becomes extra cheerful, ha ha. It allows us to break the daily routine, which is always a nice change. Having friends over nourishes my soul, fills me with joy and reinforces my sense of belonging to a community. I love hearing all their news, It allows me to catch up on casual phone conversations that I miss out on. I enjoy seeing photographs of their children and grandchildren, yes we are at the age of sharing grandchildren stories, personally I can not wait to become a grandmother ha ha.
Spending time with my friends is very healthy in the sense that I feel normal, they make me feel so special and loved. Their attitude towards me is empowering, seeing them and feeling their compassion reminds me that there are so many good people in my life for which I am truly grateful.

10 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Habibti Lana may you always be surrounded by true fun genuine friends!! We love it when they come over! I feel your excitement and share your thoughts and believe that good friends are the best life has to offer! They complete our lives!

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  2. Most of the time what really matters is who we have in our life, a loving family and genuine friends.
    They, will increase the value of our life, they will make our good times better and our hard times easier, and as you said Lana they are a blessing for which we should be grateful.
    May you always rise and shine dear surrounded with loving caring people.

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  3. So true dear Lana…. Friends are the best thing in this life. Especially those friends that are there for you in good and bad times. Who stick by you when you most need them and who love you for what you are. I always say I am extremely wealthy…. Not because of my bank account (And let’s not go there) but because of the lovely friends I have in my life. They are my true wealth in this world and for this I am truly grateful. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Will check with Tammy on a good day and time to visit xxx

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  4. Habibti Lana I never felt you changed a bit from the inside. You still are the sharp, smart, funny, observant, witty, beautiful, etc… person I’ve known. May you always be surrounded by your loving family and friends and Inshallah grandchildren in the near future. Love you and miss you ❤ ❤

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