In one of my previous blogs, Technology Threw me a Lifeline, I explained how my special Eyegaze computer is my voice – I simply type what I want to say with my eyes using an eye-tracking technology and press the “speak” button. Other than helping me speak, Eyegaze (A.K.A “Diva”) also grants me with many other functionalities, most importantly, it helps me communicate with the world by enabling me to log onto the internet and allowing me to access a variety of social media channels, email and more.

The Eyegaze is hooked to my normal computer (as seen in photo) and with the use of my eyes, I can control the mouse – from then on, the world is my oyster. I can log on to the internet and function just like anyone of you, but because my eyes can only move the mouse one direction at a time, I am much slower ha ha! Having said that, I can type with my eyes faster than most of you can type with your fingers (speedy Gonzales 🙂 ). I have my regular office hours every day (just like you! ha ha) where I am able to check my emails, log onto Facebook, look up anything on YouTube, see what’s trending in the news, shop online and of course most recently, write my blog.

Being able to send my own emails gives me much needed independence. Because I have to rely on my caregivers to do everything else for me, it becomes a treat to do something on my own. It’s very uplifting to fly solo and be able to communicate independently, whether its emailing a friend, or bank manager. A few months ago, a whole new world opened up for me – my son, Zeid, downloaded WhatsApp Web on my computer, which allows me to use the messenger application, WhatsApp, on my browser instead of on the phone. You might think, “so, what’s new about that?” well, to me it meant being able to communicate with everyone PRIVATELY. It brought me so much happiness – I was finally able to use my own words and choose my own Emojis, I was like a kid in a candy store, ha ha! Before having this new ability, I used to type my messages on the Eyegaze which then my caregiver would type up on my phone and send it. Now, I can send all my messages on my own using Eyegaze/WhatsApp Web and I have the freedom to say what I want, when I want. Freedom, Privacy and Dignity are all words that take on a different level of meaning in my world of communication. Having lost my privacy many years ago, being able to have something that is private brings be immense joy and I feel like I got some of my dignity back.

Communicating with each other is a vital part of our existence – without the ability to do so, we might just as well be stone figures. Having struggled with my loss of ability to communicate on all levels years ago, I really appreciate and rejoice when someone understands me with minimum effort. For instance, my close family and my caregivers, who have been with me for years, can pretty much understand what I am trying to say by guessing the letters I try to mouth out when spelling out a word – they can then intuitively guess the word or the whole sentence almost immediately. I like to believe that those close to me understand me because they want to, and all I need to be understood is a little compassion mixed with a dose of patience. After all, isn’t that what everyone needs?

13 thoughts on “Communicating

  1. My Dearest Loofy,, my lifetime sister & friend,,, How Much I wait for your blogs, which mean a lot to me and to others,,, The way You think and act accordingly is unbelievable,, full of confidence and strength,,, Believe me, I am very weak most of the days,, You give me Strength, and the Will to keep on and on ,,,, God bless You Lannoul❤️


  2. This was a big treat for us all loofy!! It’s great to talk to you one on one without going through anyone! My hour with you on eyegaze is precious!! Sisterly chats!! My favourite sentence of course is when u mouth “I love you” with your smile ❤️❤️

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  3. I learned that when we have a gift between our hands and we work hard to benefit from it putting a lot of patience and positivity to ameliorate our life in return, that is called showing a quality in being thankful, it is giving gratitude on its finest level …
    Well, this is what you are teaching us Lana!

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  4. Habibti ya Lana! The minute I see you’ve posted something on your blog, I can wait to get home, get comfy in my bed and have my peace and quite to read what you have to say. Each of your posts brings me a ray of warmth and sunshine. I read the post time and time again and try to gain the wisdom you so gracefully emulate. As Tammy said you communicate and far beyond your gadget. You communicate with your beautiful smile and those dancing eyes that are full of warmth, wisdom and kindness. God bless you my friend. Can’t wait for our next visit ❤❤

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  5. Habibti Lana ,I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blogs , I sense the strength within you and I feel the positive vibes that you send to the universe ! Your presence in this life is a true blessing to everyone through your lines I read how beautiful life is and how happy one can be when we start appreciating every single detail around us ! Practicing Gratitude does miracles and the more we focus on positivity the more we attract to our life ! I love you Lana you are such an inspiration , keep this positivity and you never know what mirical will happen ! The limit is the sky.

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