My Sister

My Sister.

Those of you who know my sister, Tammy, know what a beautiful soul she has. As for those of you who do not, here is a glimpse into the exceptional woman I am proud to call my sister.

Although she leads a very busy lifestyle of being a devoted loving wife, a mother to three children and maintaining a social life, she somehow always manages to find time to check up on me and take care of my needs. ALS has left me somewhat isolated from society (for better or worse ha ha), but Tammy always makes sure I am never ever lonely. She pops in to visit me almost daily, armed with her warm loving heart and big smile.

She is my angel who brings the outside world into my home. She always informs me of what is trending, who is getting engaged or married, what new restaurant opened, whether it is good or not, or where to get the best food delivery from – the mundane everyday bits of information that people might take for granted, but Tammy knows I need to hear or I would be out of the loop so to speak. Bless her habibti, she is also my personal shopper – she always makes sure I am aware of where the latest sales are happening (ha ha, I always love a good bargain). She either goes to the shop to take photos of the items on sale, ranging anywhere from furniture to napkins, and sends it to me to choose from or she takes me shopping (who doesn’t love shopping with their sister! 🙂 ). It doesn’t stop there – she also takes me to go visit my friends. It is the little activities that might not mean much on the surface, but mean the world to me.

Tammy embodies what family unity truly is. She makes sure family traditions are never forgotten, she loves any activity that brings us all together; she has become a mother figure to our family, despite her being the youngest sibling.

I do not know how I would manage without having Tam Tam in my support group; she gives me love when I need it, she gives me compassion when I am missing it, she gives me understanding when I feel misunderstood, she is my sounding board when I am angry or frustrated. She is always caring, loving and nurturing not only to me, but to my whole family. To be honest, everybody’s life would be better with a little Tammy in it, ha ha!

She is my best friend, she is My Sister. I love you Tammy habibti and appreciate all you do for me.

img_0916(btw that is cake on my face from my b-day, and yes I am 39… still:p)


22 thoughts on “My Sister

  1. Oh my god Lana! Habibti I am utterly lost for words❤️❤️ What a beautiful surprise to wake up to! I am honoured and blessed to be able to do anything for you! I always wish I could do more! I love you with all my heart! I love our growing family dearly! Here’s to looking forward to many more years filled with happy occasions, love, family gatherings, shopping trips and gossip sessions😂😀 Love you tooooooo much! God bless you always habibti❤️❤️

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      1. Sara7a she is a dear sister to all of us…her positivity 🖐🏼👀 is what keeps us going always… what is true kaman is that she is the mother figure to all… love u Tammy and will never forget how u ve bn there and how u r always there when in need…even my kids and my hubby when a situation needs wisdom they tell me ask Tammy…😂.
        Luv u Tammy

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  2. I am fortunate enough to have Tamy in my life too Lana she is the sister I never had . From her love of birthdays to her love of snow she brightens up our days . My life is definitely better with a little Tamy in it 😘😘
    Keep writing Lana you are an inspiration to us all 😘😘

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  3. What a beautifully touching post… It made me very emotional to just hear how meaningful a sister is to another… Sisters are the best. May God always protect you two and bless you both with much peace, love and happiness! Tammy is truly special ♥️

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  4. Cannot forget the day we gathered at your place the love an support your lovely sister Tammy gave and still do, she was like a second nama to you. God safeguard her and her family.

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  5. Habibti Lana what a lovely piece you wrote and I totally agree with you on each and every word you wrote about Tammy. The little time i have known her, I have come to realise that she is a walking heart and a very beautiful soul. She has come to mean a lot to me and O know I have found a good friend in her. God bless you both. Love you xxx

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  6. Oh yes, our beautiful, full of love Tam Tam,
    Who wouldn’t agree to your generous words Lana, and who wouldn’t be blessed to be one of this _walking angel ‘s_ friend!!?
    Tammy is our Abla that gives comfort to everyone ..She can be at one time the calm sound of reason and the giggling sound of cheerfulness…
    Al hamdulilah dear, beautiful angels will be always surrounding you…
    God bless you all!

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