Positive thoughts produce positive results

After my diagnosis, I found myself becoming more spiritual; apart from my strong religious faith, I started being introduced to different aspects of spirituality. A number of people would come visit me offering tips to help me cope mentally with what I was facing. I specifically remember one lady who wrote on a piece of paper one sentence: “positive thoughts produce positive results.” She then made around 20 copies and distributed them all around my house so that everywhere I turned, I would see this sentence and repeat it in my mind, over and over again. It became my mantra; I would repeat it all day until my mind and body were totally convinced of its power.

I started surrounding myself with positivity and disposing of any negativity surrounding me. I did this by avoiding watching the news, by not looking at any disturbing images or by simply choosing not to listen to anything negative like gossip or bad news. I created my own world of thinking only positive thoughts.

I have trained myself to deflect any negative news, whether it is about someone getting sick or, God forbid, the death of someone I know, close or not. The minute I hear any bad news, I immediately replace it with a positive thought and think of something that makes me happy or I remind myself of something that I am blessed with and grateful for. It’s a tool that needs practice to perfect, but it’s as easy as changing old, no-good batteries on your remote control to new positively charged ones – you go from an unresponsive remote to changing the channel to something that makes you happy. Ha ha, simple but very effective. Naturally, receiving bad news is very upsetting, but the idea is to not dwell on negative news, to learn to move on and to immediately replace that image with a positive one. Holding on to sad thoughts will not change the facts, so you might as well go in to a happier state of mind. It’s not being selfish it’s being positive.

Surrounding myself with positive images that lead to positive thoughts has worked very well for me. For example, I hang all my children’s university diplomas on the wall near my bed. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up and last thing I see when I go to sleep; I call it ‘our proud accomplishment wall.’ I keep photos of my family on my bedside table as well as in my living room which is full of precious moments. These images are the happy imprints in my mind.

By creating this positive environment for myself, I am raking the benefits of positive thinking. I am the living proof of ‘positive thoughts produce positive results.’ This has led me to be very content and at peace with my situation.


16 thoughts on “Positive thoughts produce positive results

  1. Beautiful Lana inside and outside 😊 Indeed, you are the very living proof of “positive thoughts produce positive results” and what amazing results they are 👍🏻💜💙💚 keep it up and keep inspiring us all. Much love 💚💙💜

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  2. Lana I just love reading what you post on your blog. You always manage to uplift my day with your wise posts and add value to one’s life. Thank you for the positive advice… something I needed to hear today. Stay positive my friend and keep your writings flowing…. you are an amazing person… Allah Yihmeekee ❤❤❤

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  3. Lana, with every new post i read on your blog , you teach me a new thing….
    It’s not about reading words of wisdom, it is how to actually apply those words and transform them into action…
    You have indeed a very special, blessed soul….
    Thank you!

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  4. This is a gift from God Habibti Lana. You are a blessed person with faith and this is what makes you happy. God bless you always and gives you the strength to maintain this faith. Allah be with you.

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