My Passion for Cooking


I have always enjoyed cooking and making sure I provide good healthy choices for my family.

During the past few years however, I found myself having to expand on my variety of recipes as it became a necessity rather than a luxury. Due to the deteriorating muscles in my throat, it started becoming harder and harder for me to swallow certain foods. I found myself restricted to fewer choices of meals, which led to boredom, loss of appetite, and eventually, resulting in weight loss. Needless to say, this was unacceptable for my battle against ALS – I needed every weapon in my body to function to its utmost capacity.

Seeing as I couldn’t go out to restaurants, I decided to bring the restaurants to my home. No,no, not take out or delivery ha ha. I started following different chefs on the food channels on TV, which I would then record and ask my caregivers to copy these new recipes in a book.

The following day, I would be wheeled into the kitchen where we would try to cook the recipes with lots of nodding and shaking my head (and some messy tasting ha ha), until we’ve perfected the meal.

The result: four full recipe books, delicious meals, healthy appetite, and most importantly NO weight loss! in fact I gained some weight ha ha. 😉IMG_4854


22 thoughts on “My Passion for Cooking

  1. Amazing Lana …. The more I read, the more I am impressed with your determination to make thes best of your situation. God bless you my dear and grant you the best of life’s good things ❤️

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  2. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you in person and sit at that table while karim devoured 2 (maybe more) pasta plates and had my share of chocolate cake.

    I am loving your blog, what an inspiring amazing soul. much love going your way ❤

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  3. Love your blog & always looking forwards to reading the next one. You are an Amazing lady with so much love and inspiration to us all. God bless you beautiful Lana ❤️

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  4. What an achievement Lana, “Four full recipe books”! Explored, tested, and definitely improved recipes, and yes I’m sure they are improved with an extra refined ingredient; Love!

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  5. do you do shakes in the mornings ? Protein shakes are easy and I love them. Who is your favorite chef you follow? And what are your favorite recipes and the boys?

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  6. Oh, u were and still a wonderful hostess and cook, and Mutaz’s words r still ringing in my head”, the most delicious food he ate in Amman was Lana’s cooking.” You still have the sense of humor that make visiting you always a joy . Love you.😘😘😘

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