Happiest Day of my Life

As a mother, you dream of certain milestones in your child’s life from the day they are born. 1st steps, 1st word, 1st day of school, 1st game played, 1st school exam,  graduation, 1st job, and then, their wedding day.

I was told by top specialists at Johns Hopkins 12 years ago, to go get my affairs in order. My 1st thought was, “omg! I will not be around to witness and be part of all these significant milestones in my children’s lives.” Little do the doctors know that a mother’s determination and love can perform miracles that science is unable to explain.

I just took part in my son’s wedding. I helped organize it and I was involved in every single function of it, I ate in it, I even danced in it. I also watched him take his beautiful lovely bride for their 1st dance, I witnessed the sparkle of love and joy in his eyes, I was there for the happiest night of my life.

I know you might say that almost every mother might feel extremely happy at her son’s wedding. However, when you have a terminal illness and you are able to overcome all odds when they are stacked against you, then that is an extra spectacular, amazing, wonderful feeling of achievement and accomplishment.

I felt like I was floating, like I was in a dream like my feet were dancing although they were  glued to my chair. I felt like I was clapping to the music despite my hands being paralyzed, I felt like I was singing despite my inability to speak, I felt like I was dancing with everyone, except I was watching from a distance. I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy, pride, and love for my family like no other day. I was happy!

The following picture I think best captures my facial expression as I look on to my handsome son and his wonderful bride, God bless them!

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 .لقراءة هذه المقالة في العربي، يرجى الضغط على الرابط التالي



32 thoughts on “Happiest Day of my Life

  1. Loofy, I never, never, never read an article as amazing as yours,,, its full of real true feelings of joy, pride, committment to Loving Your Beloved Family,,, to Marwan, Your Sons, Tammy & Samir,,,,, Love You Loofiest of All Loofies,,,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. This is so beautiful Lana. Made me cry. You write beautifully. What a wonderful idea to share this. God bless your beautiful family and beautiful new daughter.


  3. Thank you my mommy for letting us into that beautiful mind of yours and sharing with us! I love you and can’t wait to go deeper and deeper into all you have to share! I love you ❤️

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  4. Dearest Lana,
    I just read this post, and I’m overwhelmed with sheer admiration and pure happiness for you! You are a truly REMARKABLE woman and your love-filled, fighting spirit is beyond inspirational…it’s magical!
    I hope, through the blog, you will be able to touch and inspire many others!

    Lots of love and !الف مبروك
    Rula J. Said

    P.S. You look so chic and elegant in the wedding pics!👌🏼❤️😘

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  5. ” A mother’s determination and love can perform miracles…”
    Beautiful words, genuine thoughts.
    May you witness all the sparkles of love, all the happy moments to come, and may you write about countless happiest days of your life…
    I Loved it, enjoyed every word, and i’m looking forward to more!😘😍

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  6. “A mother determination and love can perform miracles…….”
    Beautiful words describing genuine thoughts. I enjoyed every word Lana!
    May you witness all the sparkles of love, all the happy moments to come and may you write about countless -happiest- days of your life.
    Looking forward to reading more of you!

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  7. Dear Lana , I am very happy for you and the family and I am sorry that I have missed such a beautiful event as I was traveling , congrats and God bless .
    Hazem Mulhim

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  8. What an ispiration you are to every living being on the face of this earth. Yes you are making miracles everyday and defying science along with it. Congratulations for your handsome son and wonderful bride. May you witness more milestones in the years to come. Gos bless you my dear.

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  9. I love your blog .
    What an inspiration you are !!!.
    You are a wonderful hope for so many people who have just been told that their life will be for ever changed by a diagnosis.
    Your photos are amazing and your blogging style most enjoyable.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us ❤.


  10. Though I do not know you but they think that Mrs. Tatcher was the Iron Woman they are all wrong you are the Iron Woman, god bless you and your lovely family….

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  11. I just love this.. The mind is the strongest organ of a human body.. You have a great beautiful mind and heart.. Many of us do not have illness and still crippled in many forms.. Admire your spirit and strength.. Hope to meet you one day and give you a big warm hug.. Congratulations to the couple🌟

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  12. Amazing strength, will and courage. Keep it up. You are a role model for many, so pls persevere. God bless you and your family. It just proves how moms are the backbone of every family. Mashallah.

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  13. What a wonderful idea to share with us your feelings and thoughts you are a true miracle of life and a proof that everything is possible if you set your mind to it I am a very big fan and I am learning from you about love and life everyday .pls keep it up can’t wait to read more .💕💕

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  14. Waw Lana , what an amazing woman you are, congratulations on your son wedding, you all look radiant, especially you , we all hear about miracles, but for me , you are the only miracle I know, God bless you and bless your family .

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  15. You are :-
    the light in our friendship
    The sun to your loved ones
    An inspiration to the world
    The strength Of mothers
    The symbol of love
    The determination with no end
    You are my hero

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